Sleek Brows full Brow Master Certification – Deposit


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Sleek Brows Training

Our two day

Sleek Brow Master Course

will take your from theory, threading, sculping and brow building techniques.


Course Discription

 A complete brow master course, that will prepare you to offer both of the eyebrow enhancement techniques – building & sculpting.

Training in our exclusive sand unique textured paint application directly on the skin, using hair stroke technique for correcting shape, colour and fulness. This method is capable of creating an eyebrow where one is nonexistent.

You will learn:



Sculpting technique witth Sculpting Gel

Building technique

Practical skills on live models

What it Includes

 ✓Kit  is included

(Enough for 45 sculpting treatments & 72 building treatments)

✓Education by an award winning training provider

✓Duration: 2 days (10am – 5pm)

✓Unlimited returns for practical sessions

✓Examination (theory and practice)

Tuition: $1800.00 including Pro Kit

$100.00 deposit required. Full tution due 2 weeks before class Start

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**********NOTE: Unlike the Softap Permanent Makup Course, Sleek Brows is not permanent and therfore clients have to come back for a “re-do” each month. Permanent Makeup will last up to a year. If you are intrested in the Softap Class please enroll under PMU101*******************

For questions please call/text Julia at 781-354-4110 or send email to:!

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