Advanced Eyelash Extensions


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IDE102 :: Advanced Eyelash Extensions

Why limit yourself to basic lash extension application?  Our advanced Eyelash courses covers beyond the basics and gives you the opportunity to make yourself even more marketable.  Clients come with many different goals, but wanting the most skilled tech is something they all have in common.  Stand out from other lash technicians and watch your client base grow.

Lash technicians discover not only how to perfect your extension techniques but also how to add a new level of expertise using additional techniques. Increase your speed and learn how to work with the most difficult lashes (sparse, missing, needing repair, etc.). The ins and outs of applying mink, rhinestone, and color lashes and their most appropriate uses is also covered in theory and with hands-on practice.

Prerequisite: This course is designed for experienced lash technicians who have completed the IDE 101 Eyelash Extension course or who have previously trained with a reputable lash extension venue. Proof of experience is required to enroll.

Tuition: $399.00

$240.00 deposit required. Full tution due 2 weeks before class Start


For questions please call/text Julia at 781-354-4110 or send email to:!