Pigmenta’s Eyebrow Hair Removal Threading

Threading is a technique that uses cotton thread to remove small areas of hair safely, quickly, and precisely. It originated thousands of years ago in the Middle East and nearby regions of Asia as a method to remove unwanted hair that could be done frequently without damaging the skin. Each generation would hand down the technique to the next, with teaching beginning for girls just past their toddler years. Threading is a craft requiring proper instruction and practice to be properly executed. Although it is a rapidly growing esthetic service, very few educational facilities offer courses on threading in the U.S. An inexperienced technician can break rather than remove the hair. Julia Bowers is a highly trained and experienced Threader.

How Threading Works

Using a triangle of partially wound cotton thread, the exact amount of pressure, and a very distinct rhythm, Julia runs the string along the surface of the skin. The wound up end acts as a spring, causing the triangle to open and close. As this happens, the threads catch the hairs, pulling them out from the root. It is a very precise removal that, unlike waxing, can give clean edges and straight lines, and the amount of hair removed is very controlled. Threading is most often used for the eyebrows but is also a great option for unwanted facial hair.

Threading is Better than Waxing Hair Removal

Not only is threading a highly effective method of hair removal, it is also the most gentle. Waxing actually removes the surface area of the skin along with the hair, and chemical removers tend to be very harsh and damaging. Threading produces minimal irritation and is ideal for delicate areas like the face. It is a great alternative for Retin-A and Accutane users who should avoid waxing. Hair can be threaded much more frequently than waxing as well since the re-growth can be removed at half the length it is required to be for wax to catch it.

Threading Frequently Asked Questions:

How does a string remove hair?
The hair removal happens from the winding and unwinding of the 100% cotton thread in a precise movement across the skin. The threader rings the thread through the fingers and teeth, creating a triangle. On one side of the triangle a portion of the thread is wound. Using the right amount of pressure and the proper rhythm, the string is run back and forth along the surface of the skin. The wound up section acts as a spring, causing the triangle to open and close. As it does so, it catches the hairs and pulls them out from the root.

Does threading hurt?
Threading is the gentlest method of hair removal. Most clients feel very little to no pain.

Is there any redness or swelling?
Most clients will not experience any swelling or redness at all. If these symptoms do occur, they will be minimal and vanish within an hour after treatment.

How long does it take?
Depending on the area being threaded, the procedure can take from 5 โ€“ 20 minutes.

How long does the treatment last?
Hair will typically grow back in about 4 weeks after threading. Unlike waxing, the hair does not have to grow out as long to be removed with threading and can be removed again even sooner if preferred.