Permanent Lips:

  • Make lips appear more defined without surgery or fillers
  • Restores color to lips that have become pale
  • Corrects uneven or blurred lip lines
  • Covers scars and hypopigmentation
  • No more “bleeding” lipsticks
  • Make lips appear fuller and larger
  • Balances the symmetry of Lips
  • Eliminates the daily use of pencils to outline, fill-in, or reshaping lip borders

Lips are an important feature of the face and it forms the smile and show emotions. Full lips with color makes a face look fresh and young. It’s either a great alternative to fillers or surgery or it can be done in conjunction with these procedures. Many of our clients do both to maximize the effectiveness of lip enhancement treatments.

Whether it is the lip design, shape or color you are interested in, we can help. By using a handtool vs. a machine it is more gentle and yields a much softer and natural look. The lip liner includes a soft blending into the lips so there is no line of demarkation. The full lips can fill in any lost color and enhanced the fullness of the lips and is done in two session. Our technique is called the  “Lip Imposter” because we can shape the lips in a way that can help align and center your face and make your upper and lower lip match and be more proportioned. We can enhance the Cupid’s bow (the points on the top lip) and also the vermilion (the border of the lip).

First initial Lip Liner and Blending$725.00
4-8 weeks following initial session:  $100.00
4-8 weeks following the initial touch up (2nd touch up):$100.00
6-12 month Lip Liner boost:$375.00
12-24 months Lip Liner boost: ย $600.00
Over 2 yearsinitial price

2nd Session, Full Lips (Lip Liners have to be done in the first session)$675.00
4-8 weeks following initial session:$150.00
4-8 weeks following the initial touch up (2nd touch up):$150.00
6-12 month Full Lip boost:$500.00
12-24 months Full Lip boost:$750.00
Over 2 yearsinitial price

First initial Lip Blush$1150.00
4-8 weeks following initial session:$200.00
4-8 weeks following the initial touch up (2nd touch up):$200.00 
6-12 month Lip Blush boost:  $500.00
12-24 months Lip Blush boost:$750.00
Over 2 yearsinitial price

Re-pigmentation from previous technicians elsewhere will be considered initial session and depending on the situation correction may be necessary.

Please refer to this page for more information Permanent Makeup Correction

All prices are subject to change without notice

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