Pigmenta Eyelash Lifting/Perming

Eyelash perming is an innovative way to open up the look of the eye area and ditch the clumsy curlers for good. Pigmenta lash perming is performed on natural lashes to give them a permanent curl. It is ideal for clients with lashes with little to no curl and pairs perfectly with mascara. You can keep your existing beauty routine but eliminate the use of damaging eyelash curlers.

How Eyelash Lifting Works

Lash perming is a safe procedure using tiny flexible rods and a perming solution specifically made for the eyes. It is resistant to water, sweat, tears, and sleep and lasts through the natural growth cycle of the lash, approximately two months. As the lashes replenish themselves you will notice the curl lessening and know you are due for your next perm.

Eyelash Perming Gallery

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Eyelash Perming Frequently Asked Questions:

How does eyelash perming work?
Lash perming uses the same premise as hair perming but is a much gentler procedure. Lying comfortably on your back with your eyes closed, a soft sticky rod is applied to your upper eyelid. This tiny rod acts as a curler and holds the lashes with mild temporary glue. The perming solution is then expertly applied, followed by a neutralizer. After the rod is tenderly removed, your lashes will have a natural looking, lasting curl.

Is it safe?
When done by a trained expert, this procedure is extremely safe. The perming solution used is made especially for this purpose and is safe in the eye area.

Isn’t perming damaging?
Using an eyelash curler daily is much more damaging to your lashes than perming, despite the use of chemicals. You should notice your lashes look healthier and fuller even weeks after you stop using the eyelash curler.

How long will the perm last?
The lashes will stay curled for up to 2 months. As your own lashes naturally shed and new ones grow in, you will notice the appearance of curl lessens. Most clients received services every six weeks to keep their lashes looking their best.

How long does it take?
The treatment takes approximately 45 minutes.

Can I use mascara?
Eyelash perming enhances your natural lashes. Mascara can absolutely be used if desired.