Trained for the Booming Cosmetic Industry

Our Franchise owners and Technicians have attended an extensive training course at the Pigmenta headquarters in Boston. Members of the Pigmenta team will go to each clinic for on-site training, as well as an in-person training at the franchise locations. The franchisee and their team will undergo sales training and individual practice sessions to ensure the clinic’s success.

Specialized cosmetic tattooing and permanent makeup services is a unique industry, one which requires training and licensing. Our Technicians may be students coming either from our Academy or another one. Others may be individuals who have worked in the industry for a few years, or longer, and are now part of our team. We train the right persons. Each Technician is trained extensively by Julia personally on technique, procedures and clinic operations.

Pigmenta Worcester Franchise

Pigmenta Franchises

Maria has proudly partnered with Pigmenta Boston to open and operate Pigmenta Worcester. Maria herself is a faithful customer of Julia Dziuk, founder of Pigmenta Boston. After seeing her own results Maria knew that the expertise and talent of those at Pigmenta Boston would be a perfect addition to her hometown of Worcester.

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