Natural Looking Hand Application

Not to get too technical, but the Pigmenta method uses a highly evolved and unique Hand Application approach, developed by company founder Julia Dziuk to ensure the most natural looking permanent cosmetic and microblading results. The permanent cosmetic method is a precise and gentle way to implant permanent color into the skin without use of a machine, measuring tools or stencils and is customized to each client using the same principles valued by plastic surgeons and make up artists. The Pigmenta microblading technique employs small penned strokes to create custom eyebrow shape and color.

Amazing Experience!

I had the worst experience at an expensive establishment on Newbury Street in Boston, after multiple complaints, I was never happy with the results. I did my research and found Julia! She assured me she could “fix” them and make them perfect! She was right! Julia and her staff made me feel comfortable and completely at ease with the whole process! Hopefully nobody has gone through what I have gone through, but if so, look no further. I highly recommend Julia & her staff!!
Melissa Sullivan Apr 20, 2019
Customer since Feb 2019

Safe Controlled Pigment Placement

The Pigmenta way incorporates hypoallergenic iron-oxide based pigments in a variety of shades to guarantee the perfect custom color – and unlike machine methods, the superficial application deposits the pigment no deeper than the layer of skin that rejuvenates itself. Safety and sanitation are essential hallmarks of the Pigmenta experience and results are so natural that customers repeatedly say their friends and relatives remark on how great they look but would never guess it was because of a permanent makeup procedure.

Julia saved me!!!

My first experience (with a different clinician) microblading was awful. The woman mangled my brows. I needed a correction and even Prettyology could not make it right. Thank God I found Julia. She corrected my brows with artistic precision. Don’t things right the first time, see Julia~ she works miracles. I can say I love her and am super grateful for her skill.
Ana Duarte May 9, 2019
Customer since Sep 2017

More than Vanity

Let’s be honest – permanent cosmetics for eyes and lips definitely falls under the category of vanity procedures and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! The more clients who want to look better and feel confident in their appearance the better! And from our experience that number is growing fast, translating into opportunities for Pigmenta franchises throughout the country and beyond. But let’s not forget the large population of cancer, burn patients, those born with physical abnormalities or people who have been in accidents and require scar camouflage treatment or the new Pigmenta micro scalp pigmentation hairline or full scalp coloring.

Scalp Pigmentation

How can I explain in words the artistry of Julia? I experienced my first scalp pigmentation. Her compassion about my situation of hair loss was extraordinary. She expressed in words and artistry how important it was to her as well as me to how successful the outcome would be. I cannot say enough positive words. I have been having my eyebrows done by Julia for many years and have always been not only satisfied but amazed! She has changed me & given back my confidence!
Paula L May 12, 2019
Customer since Sep 2015

Be a Part of the Success

It stands to reason that the success rate is greater and swifter for those in the permanent makeup and microblading industry who have something unique to offer. That exactly describes the Pigmenta experience.

Now is a great time for you to become part of this growing industry as a Pigmenta franchisee.